Who I am?

As a young man who always worked in the luxury accommodation industry, I had the chance to travel around the world and discover different cultures –– learning about their traditions, habits and standards that make up who they really are. Feeding off of these experiences, my passions for personalized guest relation and service were born.

During my experience in luxury tourism, I came to understand that each civilization, each individual has unique needs, specific needs, based upon their social background, nationality, education, religion or even beliefs. Knowing how to respond to them by delivering excellent service is a lifelong learning process.

As I contemplated where I wanted to live, where I imagined settling down, I fell in love with the Alpilles as soon as I arrived. It became obvious to me that I had to get settled, immerse myself in the culture, meet people and create strong and trustful relationships with them to be accepted and then ultimately contribute to the local society by offering my services, my knowledge and skills into hospitality, personal assistance and daily life management.

After five years of working for a stunning 5-star hotel in Les Baux-de-Provence, being part of prestigious events, collaborating with various properties and chateaus, I founded Le Concierge des Alpilles to satisfy my deepest desire: deliver impeccable service.

Louis Pierre
Le concierge des Alpilles

« Conservius » “Companion on duty” and with the origin of the term coming from « Concierge », a position dating back to the Middle-Age, which adapted duties as guardian of the Royal Palace over time to become what we know today as someone to facilitate your life, a right-hand man to whom you will entrust what you value most.